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what are the odds of this happening in pai gow poker?

i know there is no actual odds..but ive been playing pai gow for over 10 years and i have never ever seen this playing go figure..anyways my low hand is 44 and my high hand is a straight from pai gow,you would think worse case you would push,right? my 10 years have i never seen has 55 as low hand and has a straight 10-A as high question is what does anyone think the odds of this are? ive never seen this and i called my friend who works the pit in a vegas casino and he said in 20+ years he has never seen this,i think online casinos are rigged and its a shame that they get away with it

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One Response to “what are the odds of this happening in pai gow poker?”

  1. LuckBeALady Says:

    Ouch, it can happen. I had 99 with a flush once and lost to a full house with a pair of QQ up top too. It was at the Bellagio and I had $300 on the hand. I was sick to my stomach for at least 15 minutes.

    It’s not the online casino’s fault. These things happen in real life too. I was at Harvey’s in Council Bluffs and the dealer had 19 paigows in a row once. (paigow = no better than high card)

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