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This is the end…

Last Minute Pai Gow Poker

“Last Minute Pai Gow Poker” by mrjoro
Now if only I could have gotten hands like that at the table…

Mom’s flight left an hour and a half before ours, so we figured it would be easier if we all just went to the airport together. That meant the last day was fairly short; we only had time to play a few last hands of Pai Gow poker and some slots at the Bellagio after, of course, the Jean Philippe Patisserie.

It didn’t take us as long to get through the gates as we thought, so we had time to have lunch. Benson bought a deck of cards and we started playing Pai Gow poker a bit. We even got Mom to play a hand.

Unfortunately, it’s somewhat less fun when there’s no money on the line.

This was my first time leaving Vegas in a long time when I immediately wanted to return. Normally I’m Vegased out by the end, but this trip felt so whirlwind I feel like I only got a taste. I suppose this means I’ll have to go back soon.

I started counting up the number of times I’ve been to Vegas, and where I stayed. I could have sworn I had done it before, but I couldn’t find it. It turns out I’ve been a lot:

October 2000 – my first trip, stayed at the Orleans with Nick and Barney; spent most of the time drinking, bowling, and playing slots; since it was my first trip to Vegas we visited most of the casinos (and even visited the Stratosphere, where I rode the roller coaster on top)

November 2001 – first trip with Benson, stayed at New York New York in a cramped, crappy room; saw Thunder from Down Under after seeing the billboards for it (forgive me)

July 2003 – first road trip to Vegas, with Steph, stayed at the Boardwalk (which no longer exists; it was demolished to make way for City Center); Wheel of Fortune was my favorite game (and Steph won $250 at it at TI); we watched Mystere

November 2003 – flew in with the Craig Court gang and "stayed" at Paris; the first night we got a couple hours of sleep and the second night we didn’t even bother going to sleep at all; Slingo was my favorite game (it was mostly gone by the next time we visited); we went to see Zumanity at New York New York

November 2004, Part 1 – vanpooled to Vegas to Get Out the Vote; stayed in two really really crappy (cheap) hotels with the GOTV organization; spent a few moments gambling at the Orleans waiting for a van pickup at the end of one day and went to Fremont Street with Dan since it was within walking distance of our hotel; left utterly depressed given the result; the first time I saw the "real" Las Vegas in all of the neighborhoods where we were knocking on doors

November 2004, Part 2 – a few days later, Benson and I met up with Mom and Larry and stayed at their Polo Towers Time Share; this is where I joined the MGM Player’s Club because of Mom and haven’t looked back; we went to see Howie Mandel at MGM

August 2006 – my first birthday road trip to Vegas (after Joshua Tree) with Benson, we stayed at TI in a comped room, and loved it; my favorite game was Powerball (it was mostly gone by the next time we visited); decided none of the shows were really that exciting, which has been the case ever since

August 2007 – my second birthday road trip to Vegas (after the Painted Desert and Grand Canyon) with Benson, stayed at Bellagio and fell in love with their pools; 7-hand blackjack was my favorite game; also drove out to non-Strip parts of Vegas like the museum and Red Rock Canyon

January 2008 – this time!

So that’s 8 times in 7.5 years… that doesn’t seem like that much any more. 🙂

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