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How do I hold a Pai Gow Poker tournament at home?

I want to have a fun game with friends, but I can’t figure out a way to play so that it is easy and there is one winner at the end, like a Texas Hold’em tournament?
Do I have to have an all time dealer/banker OR is it possible to just rotate banker between the 7 players?

Question asked by: J Ram

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One Response to “How do I hold a Pai Gow Poker tournament at home?”

  1. zman492 Says:

    In Hold’em the players are playing agaist each other. In Pai Gow they are playing against the banker. There is no way to guarantee only one player ends up with chips at the end. I suggest you define the winner as the one with the most chips at the end.

    Since the banker has to match the bets of all the other players only players with enough chips can bank. Therefore I think you need to have a dealer who acts as the default banker. You can rotate offers to bank to the next player each hand, as the casinos do.

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